Who is Who?


Contest Rules
Who can participate?
Only Ms Sanchez bilingual students will take part in the research.
What is it about?
The Math Department will give 10 clues about three mathematicians; they will be released from the most difficult to the easiest. One of these clues will be displayed on this web page every day.
How to earn credits?
If a student guesses the character at the first clue, he/she gets 10 credits.
Every time a new clue is released, the number of credits earned is reduced by 1.
Every student who thinks he/she found the identity of the mathematician will hand in or email a written solution, explaining in English the reason for his/her choice.
If after a few new clues, a student wants to change his/her initial choice, he/she will lose 2 credits from the final score.
Once all clues are given, if the solution is wrong, the student loses all credits of his/her final score.
If there are less than 3 students with the right solution, 2 credits will be given to each of them. It there are between 3 and 5, each will receive 1 credit. No extra credits will be given if there more than 5 right answers.
How can credits be exchanged?
A complete biography must be handed in if credits are to be exchanged for a grade.
The final credits will be exchanged at the end of the third term, and according to the following chart:
-7 credits or fewer » the grade will not change.
-Between 8 and 12 credits » 0.5 will be added to the grade.
-More than 12 credits » 1 will be added to the grade.