A Tour of Paris : French Leaflets



A Tour of Paris : French Leaflets

The classes of seconde 1 2 3 and 4 have been working on leaflets to describe tours of Paris. Some worked on Montmartre, well know for its bohemian past and its painters, others worked on the famous Louvre Museum, others on Street Art in Paris, a different vision of modern art in the city and finally others worked on a "Universal Tour of Paris" to describe several very famous building and places that were used or built for the different universal exhibitions that took place in Paris.

Here is the first leaflet : Universal Tour of Paris, by Alex Thao and O'Nicé Coehlo

Here is the second leaflet : Montmartre, by Haddassah Flon and Melody Lagache.

Here is the third leaflet : Louvre, by Corentin Bellamy.

Here is the fourth leaflet :-Street Art, by Raoul Riva

Here are leaflets in Spanish

Here is the exhibition that is now taking place in our library.


The leaflets that won the project will soon be published online. Leaflets in Spanish will also be published later.

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