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Szkola Podstawowa nr 5 z Oddzialami Integracyjnymi


The building housing Primary School No. 5 with Integrated Forms remembers the times of the Habsburgs. In 1895, the construction of the archducal barracks was completed, consisting of 22 buildings, housing an infantry regiment, a country defense unit, auxiliary and economic services. The Austrian army was stationed here until 1918. In the 1950s, some of the buildings were earmarked for housing, two buildings were taken over by the education system, one belongs to the Beskid Border Guard. On September 1, 1999, in the building of the Primary School No. 5, Junior High School No. 3 started its activity. Until June 30, 2001, the director of the gymnasium was Mirosław Werner, MA, and from July 1, 2001, Danuta Łabaj has been the headmaster. In 2017, the building is once again Primary School No. 5 with Integrated Forms. Szkoła Podstawowa nr 5 with Integrated Forms is a local school.
It is located in the south of Poland. Our school consists of 294 students, 48 teachers and 14 administrative workers. All classes consist of 20 - 26 students. Pupils come from different social levels. There are orphans, euro-orphans (students whose parents are abroad), mentally and physically disabled students. There is a new problem - students - remigrants (students from families coming back from foreign countries).
All these mixed problems make our educational position extremely difficult. Motivation to this project: Every school-going child has something to say about their experience. Some students love school especially if it has activities that interest them and good friends to play with. If a child’s academic performance, relationships with administration and friends, and their health are doing well, they will tell you that they enjoy school. However others have a different story. School is the last place they want to be.
The main conclusion is strengthening the responsibility and consciousness of world's diversity. We are able to work in international groups what positively affects the knowledge of cultural background. Moreover the cooperation might develop ICT technics via making films, presentations and other forms of documentation. We believe that future projects will help to integrate different nations and as a result all myths will collapse revealing the beauty of each country and people in aspect of respect cultural diversity and environmental unity.

43-400 Cieszyn, ul. Wojska Polskiego 1. (Poland)


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