Yacimientos arqueológicos en Vélez Málaga


"¡Gracias sean dadas a Dios, señores, que a tan buena parte nos ha conducido!, porque, si yo no me engaño, la tierra que pisamos es la de Vélez Málaga." El Quijote, Miguel de Cervantes

Archaeological Sites

The mouth of the river Velez has suffered throughout history the important episodes of sediment accumulation and it has been changing and moving the coastline. That is why many of the sites in the area, which were originally coastal nature, are today located within the more so in later history it is.Geological and archaeological studies in the zone detected the presence of a wide cove that dominated, mainly in Phoenician and Roman times, the river mouth. However, the transformation that has today due to sedimentation has buried much of the bay which in ancient times was so busy.In the vicinity of settlements with a varied history, Punic, Phoenician, Roman and medieval, as well as Tuscans, Cerro del Mar, Cerro del Peñón, Cerro de Alarcon, Garden necropolis and watchtowers such as Manganeto, Vélez river or Torre del Mar.There are archaeological evidences about the exploitation of iron metallurgy, proven by the existence of nozzles and slag at these sites. Have also been able to document abundance of seafood, fish and shellfish really important in the population nutrition, as well as numerous Cypriot, Etruscan and Greek ceramic pieces.

Autores: Alberto E., Alberto J. y Victor.

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